Harry Tweets!

09 Nov 2016

Posted by scott

To commemorate the 171st anniversary of the commencement of Harry's diary (and to celebrate impending delivery of the critical edition to the publisher), Harry will begin tweeting on November 20, 2016. OK, we haven't worked out the kinks in the spectral tweeting code, so in lieu of Harry himself tweeting, we've developed a Twitterbot (actually, APlayerAndAGentlebot) which will dispense, on a more or less daily basis, 140 characters of characteristically Harry language from the diary--171 years ago today, Harry wrote... We're very grateful to Sara Diaz, one of Naomi's research assistants, who has done the hard work of finding tweet-appropriate language in the first several months of the diary.  If you'd like to be witness to the spectacle, please follow Harry @WatkinsDiary.