Harry Watkins Project recieves NEH funding

21 Jan 2016

Posted by naomi

What a fabulous way to start 2016 -- The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) has awarded the Harry Watkins Project an "Award for Faculty" for 2016! The panel of reviewers described the project as “impressive” and “field-changing,” and noted both its scholarly and pedagogical value. This award will support work on the chapters for the print edition of the diary and, by extension, the digital edition as well. 

This is, of course, part of a wider pattern of recognition and support the project is receiving, as we have received awards from the American Antiquarian Society (an award co-sponsored by the NEH), New England Regional Fellowship Consortium, Winterthur Museum and Library, Society for Theatre Research, Association for Documentary Editing, and the Massachusetts Historical Society. This is in addition to continued support from our home institutions (including the Leonard and Claire Tow Faculty Travel Fund and Mrs. Giles Whiting Foundation at Brooklyn College) and from CUNY as a whole (including a CUNY Collaborative Incentive Research Grant, Faculty Fellows Publication Program, and six PSC-CUNY Research Awards). This ongoing support from a host of institutions, coupled with a dedicated and passionate team of staff, has meant we have been able to make tremendous progress and should complete the manuscript of the print edition this year...

Huzzah for Harry!