Posted by raymond

This is a poem dedicated to Harry Watkins, which focuses on the brief moments in Harry’s writing that express true passion and emotion. Normally, Harry opposes every word that comes out of a woman’s mouth, but in rare occurrences, Harry reveals what’s truly in his heart. With two wives, and a few love-flings, this poem is dedicated to Harry’s heartbreak from an earlier love of his life, Mrs. Conway.

Harry knew he acted much too slowly
For the newlywed, Mrs. Conway, had already married an actor
at the Broadway Theatre, who Harry had judged too harshly
But what did Mrs. Conway not take into factor?

Harry knew every line, every scene, and every part
having so much more passion for the stage
The thought of even being with a married woman is a taboo!
And so, he had become a gentleman with a broken heart

You can feel his sadness from the page
A modern Romeo and Juliet, whose feelings are so true.